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Cell Phone Tracker App also features

Call Logs

Find a mobile phone

Find your lost phone with icloud or android manager

Monitor SMS

Locate your childs

Search from your kid’s phone and get acquainted with whatever they are up to.

Record Surroundings

Record Surroundings

Get voice recordings for surroundings sounds in the phone’s proximity and stay up-to-date on your target’s activities.

Find your child

Back up and Wipe Data

In case of phone loss or theft, save all the phone data on the online interface and wipe it instantly with a single command.

Instant Alerts

Find your wife's location

Get instant location of your wife when she installs the app

Cell Phone Tracking

Cell phone location is a very useful technology.
You can find cell phones anywhere in the world!
Find out how it works with Google Latitude!

Low cost gps tracking
It will accurately locate phones, by using a software.
Works with iphone and Android

Child Locate
The family phone locator