Q: Can we always locate a mobile phone?
A:Yes. It always works

Q: Can the information you provide not simply be obtained by looking at the first three digits (international country code) of the cell phone number you input?
A: No, that will only tell you the country of origin instead of the country where the cell phone is located at the moment.

Q: Can I locate a fixed phone?
A: Yes you can, but you have another application (for example the telephone directory or through reverse phone query).

Q: Can I query for example a Belgian mobile number?
A: Yes, it locates any mobile number in the world.

Q: Will the owner of the phone notice that I am tracking him?
A: No, only the site can see that the cell phone is being tracked, nobody else.

Q: Does your service require the installation of software on the mobile device?
A: No, it does not require the installation of any software on mobile devices.

Q: Can I see in which town my friends are located?
A: Yes, at this time it can provide it.

1) How do I track a cell phone on the internet?

The GSM companies give services to their customers in most countries. Some software companies developed applications that can be uploaded to your cell phone for private use.
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2) How does cell phone tracking works?
The triangulation of a cell phone signal with GPS and GSM signals makes it work. Depending on the service you can track any cell phone live or point by point on a map.
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3) Do you collect or record phone numbers on this site?
Never! The phone numbers chosen to be entered in the search box in the main page are in choosing of the visitor. The phone number collection is not a part of the business model that this site is created for. All phone number data is discarded as soon as the page is closed.
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4) Why the tracking result doesn’t show the location of the phone that I entered? What should I do?
It may not show the phone number that you look for. Yet it provides you with information for how to find these services and help you understand the technology. The site’s complete structure is based on “information through entertainment” philosophy. Cell phone tracking is a real premium paid service. You should inform yourself on the technology.
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5) Can my cell phone be tracked without my information?
That is possible. Someone can upload a software on your cell phone or some government departments may have permission to track you by law, working directly via GSM companies. Or your loved ones in your family can do this in the limits of local laws.
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6) Can I track my child or my pet for safety?
That is what this technology is used for most of the time. You can get a GPS tracking watches or cell phones or ID tags just for this purpose.
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